Foot Detox Pads 100% Natural Organic- Remove Body Toxins


Foot Detox Pads TANOKI contain the highest amount of the market tourmaline and dextrin.
Their right amount of guarantees the highest possible efficiency of the patches. As only they are packed in airtight, sealed packaging, ensuring lack of humidity and allow long to maintain the highest product quality.
The only ones on the market are equipped with a One-Touch system, which facilitates seamless sticking plaster, reducing the risk of damage to, or detachment of incorrect placement.
If you are using the TANOKI pads for the first time, you can put 2 pieces on each foot, and in the morning, when removing patches, note which parts are the most sediment.
Cleansing Detox TANOKI pads must be applied overnight for about 6 to 10 hours for both feet.
It is recommended that the assumption of socks glued patches. This will increase the pressure on the toes feet, patches will be more heated, and therefore more effective.
Full treatment should last 10-20 days, taking into account individual circumstances.
After a single use of TANOKI pads peel away and discard in the trash. TANOKI pads are intended for external use only – you can attach them only to undamaged skin.
Pads should not be used by pregnant women, children or people who are allergic to any of the below ingredients.

Active ingredients: tourmaline, bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar, loquat leaf, dokudami, chitosan, vitamin C
1 box contains 10 detox TANOKI pads. For the full treatment recommended 30 pieces of pads.

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